The Requirements Of Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing
Jul 24, 2020

As we all know, the complexity of plastic injection mold is determined by the structure of the plastic part, the technical requirements of plastic part, including part dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and other factors, which affect the complexity of mold. This requires mold manufacturing need to meet the requirements of products in all aspects. However, what are the requirements of plastic injection mold manufacturing?

First and foremost, the structure of injection mould should be selected reasonably when designing. According to the structure and the technical requirements of plastic parts, combine with mechanical processing capacity, and then choosing a appropriate molding method and equipment.

Secondly, the designed injection mold should be easy to manufacture. Mold manufacturer should try to simplify the mold structure and low in cost while it’ll not affect the mold quality. Especially for that complexity parts, selecting a common or special methods to process should be considered precisely.

Lastly, the structure of injection mold should adapt to the plastic part molding with wear-resistant and durable, which will affect the mold life. As mentioned above, the premise of simplifying the mold structure is not affect its quality.

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