Different types of engineering plastic for injection molding
Dec 14, 2020

There are many kinds of plastic materials are widely used in injection molding. PE, PP, PVC, PS are general plastics, which can be seen in almost every injection molding factory. While in this article, we will discuss several engineering plastics which are also common in injection molding but have their own special properties.

Polyamide (PA), also well know as Nylon. It is one of the engineering plastic used in injection molding with difference properties, outstanding wearing-resistance, electric properties, toughness and chemical resistance, ranges in color from milky-white to almost transparent, many metal materials are frequently replaced by PA due to its excellent properties. PA with lightweight is commonly used in the field of automotive and electronic.

When it comes to Polycarbonat (PC), what products do you think of? I will say baby bottle and some food storage, because these products require material with stable, heat resistance, PC can meet these requirements well. However, in applications where require clear or colored plastic with high glossy and scratch resistance, it becomes more common, in the industry of office devices, auto parts, PC occupied a large proportion.

Polyoymethylene (POM) is another engineering plastic with higher heat resistance, lower friction and keep its shape better. The hardness of POM is similar to metal, and good fatigue resistance in a wide temperature range, which make it widely used in automobile, electronic appliances and sport equipment.

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