You Need To Know About 2k Injection Molding
Sep 11, 2020

2K injection molding is also known as two-shot injection molding or double shot injection molding or bi-color injection molding, and it is a manufacturing process used to create plastic molded parts from two different materials. 2K molding technology is popular in the market, which is widely used in the line of electronic parts, sport goods and other related molded parts.

2k injection molding is one of molding methods used to produce plastic products, which is similar as overmolding. However, there may be a distinct point between 2K injection molding and overmolding. Overmolding is a process to make plastic parts with secondary operation, which needs two sets of molds, to be separatedly molded in injection machine. One part called substrate, is placed into the second-shot mold, then melted material will surround the substrate to create final overmolding part.

While 2k injection molding requires specific molding machine--double shot injection molding machine, which also requires two material to be compatible, and the melting point of first injected material must be higher than the second. Two kinds of materials are injected onto the same injection molding machine and form one final product. 2k injection mold manufacturing has technically demanding, and the products will be made with stable quality, beautiful appearance and lower unit cost. This is the reason why more and more manufacturers adapt 2k injection molding for mass production.

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