Liquid Silicon Rubber Injection Molding
Aug 28, 2020

In recent years, liquid silicone rubber injection molding has been widely used in various industries, such as electronics, auto, medical care, and food. Therefore, it’s helpful to adapt to the current industrial development to understand of liquid silicone rubber molds.(LSR)

Liquid silicone rubber usually composes of A rubber and B rubber for vulcanization (the specific ratio can be determined according to the operating time and performance) after metering. The two groups of material are mixed evenly to form a flexible and elastic gel,then it directly enters the mold. Before the mixed gel enters the mold, use a mold temperature machine to keep the mold at a lower temperature. After the rubber is filled with the mold, start to heat the mold to a set temperature, then heat preservation and vulcanization, cooling, open the mold, and complete a molding process. Because the vulcanization speed of LSR is very fast, so the molding cycle is short and the production efficiency is high.

Due to the low viscosity and good fluidity of LSR, its injection pressure is low, so it can produce flash-free products, which reduces material waste and reduces mold wear. Moreover, the silicone material is non-toxic and harmless, safe and environmentally friendly, and can meet the food-grade requirements. For example, the silicone baby bottle is a hot and popular liquid silicone product. In the coming days, LSR molds will become a mainstream in the development of the industry.

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