Mold Design

QQS Moulds is positioned to provide in-house molds design & tooling expertise, we build custom injection molds and guide your products from design through production.


From the very establishment of QQS Moulds, we have been a problem-solving resource for molding and tooling, we fully understand the importance of economic and reliability to a new product releasing in the market. Therefore, we always use our knowledge & experience of molds design & tooling making to help customers with the optimization at the design phase.

In general, mold includes 7 systems: Gate system, guide system, molding system, slide system, ejecting system, cooling system, venting system.

1, Gate system

For gate system : Usually, we design the mold to run automatically, so we are using sub. gate, pin-point gate, or hot runner system (Haso, Yudo, Moldmasters, Mouldtip, etc.). We will analyze by Moldflow at the very beginning phase of mold design.

2, Guide system

For guide system: We need to well control the machining accuracy to have good guiding, and usually we use EGP system to guarantee the guiding too.

3, Mold system

For molding system:  We design the mold in the way of good accuracy & easy maintenance, usually we design the mold with inserts.

4, Slide system

For slide system: We design the slide system in a way of easy-handle, and with good durability (if we can use mechanical slide, we will not use hydraulic).

5, Ejector system

For Ejector system: Mostly we will design the molds with ejectors, and sometimes, ejecting blade, ejecting block will be required.

6, Cooling system

For cooling system: It affects the molding a lot, we will optimize cooling as much as possible, and we will use 3D printing block for cooling if required.

7, Venting system

For venting system: It affects the surfaces quality, and we will check by Moldflow at the very beginning of molds design.

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