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Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, located in the national industrial area- Kechuang Center in Xiamen, which is in the International Garden City. It occupies around 6500 square meters & enjoy very convenient communication, which is only 15mins from Xiamen International airport. Our company is specialized in designing & producing all kinds of plastic moulds & die casting moulds and related products, equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, such as machine center, high speed CNC, EDM, wire cutting machine, milling machines, grinding machines, lathing machine & injection machines, also we have 2D & 3D measuring machines for inspection, which helps us to make high-accuracy moulds & meet every requirements of customers. Our main products include electronic, household appliance, medical, automotive, sanitary ware. Sports goods, etc. With more than 20 engineers, for mold design, programming, project managers, we are using CAD/CAE/CAM software to do the design, analysis & programming, to guarantee the satisfaction of customers. Machine List Main Machine Speficaition Q'ty Brand Introduced Date CNC Machine Center 1600*800 1 Chevalier 2012.9 CNC Machine Center 1000*600 3 Jusheng 2008.6 High Speed CNC 1000*700 1 Mazak 2014.12 High Speed CNC MV184D 1 Quaser 2016.6 High Speed CNC MV184D 1 Quaser 2018.3 High speed engraving machine 600*400 2 Sino 2011.1 Beijing Engraving 1 Jingdiao 2017.9 Mirror EDM 450 2 OPS 2018.1~3 Slow-feed WEDM 400*500 1 Qinghong 2011.3 CNC EDM 1000*800 1 DM 2019.04 Two-head CNC EDM 1 Hanba 2018.1 Mirror EDM 400*300 1 Mitsubishi 2015.6 Slow-feed WEDM 400*300 1 Mitsubishi 2019.2 EDM 600*400 6 Taiyi 2011.1 Laser Engraving 1 Laierse 2018.1 WEDM 1000*600 1 Xiongfeng 2011.3 WEDM 600*500 3 Xiongfeng 2011.3 WEDM 500*400 1 Xiongfeng 2010.1 Spotting machine 160T 1 Nice 2014.12 Piercing milling 430 1 Xinying 2011.3 Grinding 618S 7 Chevalier 2006.7~2018 Big Grinding machine 1000*600 1 Hangzhou 2012.3 Milling 4 Taizheng 2008.7 Beam Drilling 3050 1 Zhongjie 2011.3 Drilling Z4116 2 Wuyishan 2005.5 Injection Machine 160T 1 Lantian 2006.7 Injection Machine 160T 1 Yizumi 2015.12 Injection Machine 160T 2 Donghua 2016.1, 2017.3 Injection Machine 130T 2 Donghua 2019.1 Injection Machine 190T 1 Donghua 2017.1 Injection Machine 260T 1 Donghua 2015.1 Injection Machine 750T 1 Donghua 2018.9 Oil Press 450T 2 Yihao 2019.2 Robots 6 Cenya 2015~2017 Crusher Cjp800 2 Shenzhen 2006.7 Ultrasonic welding 1526 1 Maxwide 2009.5 Hot stamping machine 1 Xiamen 2015 Chilling Machine 1 Shenzhen 2013.5 Mold temperature control 6 Shenzhen 2011~2015 Color difference tester 1 Shenzhen 2015 Crane 3T 1 Heliyuan 2017.7 Crane 5T 1 Heliyuan 2017.7 Crane 10T 1 Heliyuan 2017.7 CNC online inspection system 1 Yangpu 2017.3 CMM 600*600 1 Hexagon 2018.1 CMM 1000*800 1 Xiantian 2011.2 Projector 430 1 Jiateng 2011.2 Hardness test 1 2011.2 Slide system life test mechanism 1 2014.5 Total 86
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Our Factory
  • Qiqiangsheng Moulds has its own tooling shop, equipped with advanced machines.

  • Qiqiangsheng Moulds also have their own injection shop, to run the mold test & mass production for customers.

  • Tool Shop--EDM, WEDM
  • Injection Shop
Products categories
Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. is capable of making kinds of plastic molds, and the application is for automobile parts, electronic products, OEM projects, sanitary parts, overmolded parts & kinds of industrial parts. Meanwhile, we are making kinds of die casting molds too.
  • Automotive

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. is making a lot of molds for auto parts, such as bumper, radar parts, mirror frame, control panel, etc. Moreover, many parts are done with overmolding.
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  • Electronics

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. make kinds of molds for electronic products, such as projector shell, POS shell, plastic case for machines. We can run the mass production of plastic parts if required.
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  • Industries

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. make kinds of molds for industrial parts with high accuracy, all custom items are welcomed, and we can run the mass production of plastic parts if required.
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  • OEM Projects

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. can provide one-stop service for OEM projects, developing the molds, make injection molding, PCBA making, assembly, etc.
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    OEM Projects
  • Overmolding

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. has rich experience in making overmolding molds (PP + SEBS, PP + PP, ABS +ABS, etc.), and also insert molds, bi-injection mold  (with rotating core, or rotating plate), tri-material molds, etc.
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  • Precision Injection Molds

    Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. has rich experience in making Precision injection molds, and we are using CMM, online inspection system to guarantee the accuracy.
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    Precision Injection Molds
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