The Market Trend of Plastic Injection Molding in Next Few Years
Aug 13, 2020

With the widespread application of automotive, packing and electronic industries, plastic injection molding has been one of the most common-used plastic formation technique across myriad industrial sectors and is used to develop a range of plastic products. According to Global Market Insight, global injection molded plastic market size stood at 100 million tons and has been forecast to record a CAGR of 5% over the forthcoming years.

The use of high-performance plastics

Many plastic injection molds manufacturers tend to use high temperature and corrosion resistant materials. Especially in automotive industry, it has become a trend to replace metal with high-performance plastics, because it can not only reduce the weight of parts, but also prolong the life of parts. The production of lightweight auto parts will also stimulate the development of injection molding industry, as from news, even a mere 10% reduction in car weight will lead to saving around 5% to 7% of fuel. This is also in accordance with requirements of environmental protection.

Wide application of automation technology

Influenced by Internet technology, automation technology will be widely used in manufacturing industry in the near future. Using automation technology to run mass production can save production time and labor to a certain extent and maximize repetitive production and high-efficiency production.

The market trend of injection mold is obvious. Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd., as an plastic injection molds manufacturers, is also applying modern technology to real production step by step, so that we can better meet the market demand and keep our customers more competitive in the final market.

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