Sanitizing Your Cell Phone To Fight COVID-19
Apr 17, 2020

In Mar. 2020, FIFA & WHO have teamed up to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19)jointly launched a new publicity campaign led by world-renowned football players to fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19), by paying attention to the five key steps to stop spreading of the virus.

The "pass message to eliminate coronavirus" campaign promotes five key steps. People can follow WHO's guidelines to protect their health, with emphasis on washing hands, cough etiquette, not touching the face, body distance and staying at home.

The "Pass the message to kick out coronavirus" movement pushes people to follow five key steps to protect their health in line with WHO guidance, focused on handwashing, coughing etiquette, not touching your face, physical distance and staying home.

Staying home is the safest & effective way to fight COVID-19, which is also verified by Chinese people. At home, we can do a lot of things, but there is still some time requiring outgoing. At such times, we will need to bring our mobile phones, and this makes the plastic molded case of mobiles easily infected by viruses in public places.

The cell phone exists in every corner, every hour and each day. But sometimes, the closest friends hurt the most. We must pay attention to viruses and bacteria on mobile phones. Reports show that there are 10 times bacteria on mobile phone than in toilets. So do not ignore the dangers of mobile phones. Most people now only know that staring at phone for long time is very harmful to the eyes, but they don't know that the bacteria on the mobile phone are more harmful to us.

In fact, many people who are fastidious about living quality have been using UV cell phone sterilizers for a long time. Facing the threat of COVID-19, they expand the attention to more comprehensive areas, and the use of Phone sterilizer would be popular. Our living environment is always threatening us. We also have to rely on the power of nature. Plastic injection molding Phone sterilizer help us defend with the power of ultraviolet rays.

UV cell phone sterilizers

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