How to control warpage & shrinkage during injection molding?
May 18, 2020

Recently, we have developed several porjects, which will be a plastic container with sealing. So, all customers imposed that "No warpage or shinkage is allowed on the contact surfaces". Here in this article, Qiqiangsheng Moulds will share the tips about how to solve the warpage & shrinkage problems for plastic molded parts.

Usually, the molding defects were caused by below points:

1, Part design

2, Gate position

3, Molding parameters

Therefore, in order to improve the defects, we should also improve the points accordingly;

1, Design

A) Improve the gate position & dimensions by Moldflow;

B) Add supplementary gate;

C) Increase ejecting surface;

D) Keep balance for ejecting;

E) Need to have enough venting;

F) Keep enough thickness reinforcement;

G) Keep suitable round corner;

2, Injection Molding Parameters

A) Longer injection molding cycle;

B) Increase molding pressure & injection time, if not cause other defect;

C) Reduce material molding temperature;

D) Reduce stress caused by molding.

Warpage and shrinkage is actually a conflict for injection molding, so, we need to solve them based on its exact part structure.

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