Apr 18 , 2023

  Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds, a leading manufacturer of high-quality molds and OEM products, has announced the launch of its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The system was launched on April 18th, 2023, and is designed to streamline and optimize the company's operations and processes, specifically in the area of plastic injection molds.

  Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process used to create a wide range of plastic parts and products. Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds specializes in producing high-quality molds for plastic injection molding, including precision molds, multi-cavity molds, and hot runner molds. With the launch of its new ERP system, the company aims to enhance its capabilities in this area, providing faster lead times, higher quality products, and more efficient operations.

  The new ERP system integrates all aspects of the company's plastic injection molding operations, from design and engineering to production and delivery. It provides real-time data and analytics on key performance indicators, such as cycle times, reject rates, and machine utilization, allowing the company to quickly identify and address issues as they arise.

  In addition, the ERP system enables Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds to better manage its supply chain for plastic injection molds making & products assembly. The system provides full visibility into inventory levels, allowing the company to optimize its stock levels and reduce waste. It also enables the company to more effectively manage its relationships with suppliers and customers, ensuring that orders are delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.

  Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds has a strong reputation for quality and innovation in the plastic injection molding industry. The launch of its new ERP system is a testament to its commitment to continuous improvement and providing the best possible service to its customers. With its enhanced capabilities in plastic injection molding, the company looks forward to driving growth and success in this highly competitive market.

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