Qiqiangsheng Moulds Enhances Further Cooperation with Colleges
June 06 , 2020

With the increasing demands for technical talents in society, more and more enterprises and colleges have invested a lot of time and energy in reserving talents. School-enterprise cooperation has gradually raised public’s attention in recent years. In order to cultivate practical talents that meet the needs of society, more and more colleges are committed to cooperate with enterprises; in this process of cooperation, enterprises are constantly enriching their theoretical knowledge.

Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd.

Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd., as a precise injection molds manufacturing factory, still attaches great importance to the in-depth training of our staffs, who have rich professional experience in molds making. Some teachers from Meizhou Bay College visited our company on Jun.6th and intended to establish a good relationship with us. After that, Qiqiangsheng Moulds also encourages all technical staffs to further study and participate in the curriculum training, so as to meet the needs of customers by combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience of molds making. In order to improve the enthusiasm for theoretical study and enhance the comprehensive strength of staffs, Qiqiangsheng Moulds actively undertakes most of tuition fees of employees with full enthusiasm.

Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd.

Many technical staffs actively signed up with the encouragement and call of company. This not only shows that most of staffs attach importance to improve themselves in molding technology, but reflects the concern for all staffs from Qiqiangsheng Moulds.

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