New 2k injection machine and hybrid injection machine
Apr 16 , 2020

In recent years, Xiamen Qiqiangsheng Moulds Co., Ltd. has developped fast. Due to the increase in molds and injection molding business, in order to meet the requirement of mold trial and injection molding production, our company has purchased two hybrid injection molding machines(160T). Hybrid injection molding machines combine the superior clamping force of hydraulic machines with the precision, repeatability, energy savings, and reduced noise of electric machines. This allows for better performance for both thin- and thick-walled parts, compare with our hydraulic injection machines, it shorten the production time.

In addition, our company is professional in double-color molds making, we have made many 2k molds for IKEA, Decathlon, Wagner and so on. Nowadays, because the demand for 2k molds is increasing, and in order to meet the requirements of customers, to provide one-stop service, from mold development to bi-injection parts production, we purchased a new 2k injection machine (400T).

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